glasses cat02

There’s no discrediting the fact that dogs can achieve a wide range of expressions when you draw on some eyebrows, but the fact of the matter is that cats still maintain a higher level of sophistication than dogs could ever even dream of. Don’t believe me? Check out this fancy feline wearing some really sleek spectacles! No dog could ever achieve an expression that harnesses such critical disdain and yet sends you head-over-heels in love.

glasses cat01

This picture recently appeared in a Japanese Tweet alongside the comment “How is it that men in black-rimmed glasses always get my heart pounding?” Such a question probably better posed to the creators of the new fanservice-driven anime, Meganebu! (Glasses Club!), but I digress.

What we at RocketNews24 wonder is how it is that some Photoshopped frames can turn this particular cat from a proud and aloof house pet into a condescending master in sexy spectacles. Also, how many more tropes can we achieve by fitting our cats with corrective eyewear? How about a Meganekko next time? (See, it’s funny because megane means glasses and neko means cat!)

Source: ba_3013 on Twitter (Japanese)