Nothing’s cuter than a snoozing cat on a colorful food-themed bed!

If you haven’t already given up on buying beds for your cat (because nine times out of ten they’ll like the box better anyway), then you’ll want to get them this one by Felissimo, the same company that brought us the Nyanko Crepe Omelet cat bed. This latest adorable food-themed kitty cushion is based on the Japanese traditional dessert known as anmitsu.

The Wa no Omotenyashi Anmitsu Nyanko Cushion is designed to look like a Japanese-style bowl of sweets. Though the actual anmitsu jelly is missing, this bed has the typical fixings of a bowl of anmitsu: shiratama mochi balls, a scoop of green tea ice cream, a piece of a mikan orange, a cherry, and gyuhi mochi squares. Each ingredient is a soft plush toy printed with full color, making it look shockingly realistic (and actually kind of tasty)!

The bed is 12.5 centimetres tall (about 5 inches) and 51 centimetres in diameter, the perfect size for your favorite feline to curl into. Plus, the individual pieces are all sewed on, so your cat can safely use them as a pillow or roll around without them moving around, and you won’t have to worry about finding a stray mochi under the table later.

Your kitty will love snuggling in among the soft plush toppings. Maybe it’ll even use them as a pillow?

The Anmitsu Nyanko Cushion sells for 6,900 yen (US$64.49) at Felissimo’s online shop, and for every purchase of the bed, 207 yen will be donated to animal welfare programs that protect stray dogs and cats, support pet foster programs, help stray animals during times of natural disaster, and fund initiatives to spay and neuter the stray population. So not only will you be getting an adorable piece of pet furniture for your home and your cat, but you’ll also be contributing to a great cause in Japan! Win-win!

Source: PR Times via Netlab
Images: PR Times

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