Cute glassware has our hearts full of warm fuzzy feelings and deep, deep jealousy.

Here in Japan, we’re not exactly hurting for cool Starbucks stuff. We’ve got that awesome Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo that just opened in the capital’s Nakameguro neighborhood, a brand-new lineup of sakura-flavor sweets, and a never-ending parade of limited-time Frappuccino flavors to enjoy.

But right now, though, we’re finding ourselves incredibly jealous of Starbucks fans in China, and the reason is this.

Starbucks China has released a line of spring glassware and tumblers, with pastel colors and cherry blossom motifs. However, the most charming point of the cutest piece of all isn’t seasonal, but feline, as pouring your beverage fills up an adorable cat’s paw, as shown in the above tweet from Japanese Twitter user @barairo_cn.

The physics behind it are the same as similar glasses we’ve seen that turn your drink into a Shiba Inu or polar bear. But even more so than a beefy bear or silly pooch, a lovingly pampered cat seems like a great motif for a relaxing beverage break.

▼ Alternatively, you could buy four and use them as a very unique set of kitty slippers.

As you might expect, the cat paw glasses are extremely popular, and have been selling out quickly since their release on February 28 (though they can be ordered here through online marketplace TMall for 199 yuan [US$29.67] each). However, Starbucks China has a lengthy list of other beautiful springtime items on sale, including a cat head glass.

▼ Dog lovers aren’t neglected either.

▼ Cherry blossom tumblers, in both day and night versions

▼ You can even get a Starbucks cherry blossom umbrella.

It looks like all of these items are exclusive to Starbucks China, as they’re not listed on the brand’s Japanese website (Japan gets a cool collection of sakura mugs and cups of its own), and so we’ll just have to admire them from afar, while keeping our fingers crossed that one of our friends takes a trip to China soon and brings us back a kitty glass as a souvenir.

Source: Starbucks via Twitter/@barairo_cn via Wadai no Gazo ga Wakaru Site
Images: Starbucks
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