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Without getting into our personal opinions of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel (ahem, Conan is better, ahem), he’s had a string of pretty successful viral videos featuring kids and their crazy antics.

So, sensing more comedy gold, Jimmy dressed a bunch of kids up like politicians and asked them their thoughts about US current events, hoping for some adorable responses. After some initial cuteness, Jimmy asked how the kids thought America should take care of its debt to China, which is where the fun stopped for most of us, because one kid blurted out a disturbing proposal for solving the problem: kill everyone in China.

What makes the whole situation a hundred times more awkward is that the little girl directly to the kid’s left, who is clearly of Asian descent, thinks little Braxton’s genocide proposal is not only hilarious, but also genius!

Later, the other kid politicians rebut Braxton’s proposal by pointing out that the Chinese would probably fight back and we’d have a very expensive war on our hands. Unfazed, Braxton argues his point with the classic “palm chop/incredulous shrug,” as though he is 100% convinced that not only is his proposal feasible, but it’s also the right thing to do.

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And this is why getting a bunch of kids together in a room in front of a camera is a risky endeavor. Because kids, with their lack of inhibitions or regard for others, are like tiny, drunk adults; they might say something clever and hilarious, or they might tell you with a straight face that genocide is a totally acceptable way to get out of a debt and raise the ire of an entire race of people.

Chinese Americans in particular are protesting over the show’s decision to air Braxton’s outburst, lodging complaints with the White House’s “We The People” Internet petition page. A petition, sparked by the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” segment that calls for eliminating racism from television, amassed 4,000 signatures in only a few days.

We hope Braxton takes notice of the petition. We’re almost certain he’ll be a Congressman some day.

Source: Searchina News
Photos: YouTube