Would you believe that at the center of this massive hairball is a little life form?

I promise you it’s not a tribble or some other alien creature, so put away the laser guns and take a closer look! There’s a tiny nose and mouth peeking through that impressive amount of fluff, and it belongs to one of an adorable breed of ultra-soft bunnies.

Angora rabbits are coveted creatures, often raised in captivity for their incredibly fluffy fur. Angora wool is notoriously soft and is used to produce high-quality sweaters and coats. It certainly looks warm when modeled by the rabbit.

These bunnies are very docile and will often keep as still as dolls, though I can’t help wondering if their movement is simply hindered by all that hair. If there is such a thing as too much fur, this bunny has probably breached the limit.

Looking at pictures it’s impossible to tell where the hair ends and the body of the rabbit begins, though I’m a bit overcome with the urge to dig my fingers into that fluffy fur and satisfy my curiosity via cuddling. What other mysteries might be buried beneath all that fluff?

▼ Somewhere deep inside is something resembling a rabbit.


▼ At least we can spot the nose and mouth.


▼ Given a bit of a trim, the bunny’s inner self is easier to make out.


▼ Though a blob of bunny is equally adorable.


▼ They come in a variety of colors.


  ▼ But all retain that trademark texture.




Reference: Ritemail
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