Normally I pride myself on being able to come up with at least somewhat clever headlines for my articles, but this story is so bizarrely specific, I ran out of space just trying to come up with a comprehensible title.

What you’re looking at is a new father who got the idea to pose with his daughter in the bathtub every couple of weeks to record her growth from gross poop machine into vaguely human infant. The man’s wife apparently proposed that they add a little makeup to dad’s face to make things interesting and then the situation, as you can see, kind of escalated from there.

It bears some explanation that, while in western cultures being naked together with a kid – even your own kid – hedges a little close to the border of good taste, it’s commonplace in Japan to take baths with the whole family even when the kids are well on their way to becoming functional human beings. Every family’s cutoff point differs, but some parents are comfortable bathing with their kids even as they approach their teens.

That’s not to say the way the Japanese do it is any better or worse. It’s just that, free from the influences of “Christian values,” Japanese families don’t mind nudity as much as those in the west do, and are free to dress up like the Joker and bathe with their kids whenever they want:



Without the makeup, the father in question turns out to be not so hard on the eyes – in addition to being a super awesome dad – as proven by this photo letter he left for his wife. The letter mentions some sort of difficult illness he had a bout with, which lends a weird sort of poignancy to his Doraemon pose:


Here are the rest of the photos in the series, although I’d be lying if I said I actually recognized all of them.









Source: Spotlight Media