The Japanese have a strange love for sinking their teeth into their favorite characters. We’ve seen Rilakkuma cakes and Hello Kitty doughnuts, next in line appears to be good-old Snoopy and his little yellow friend, Woodstock.

Mister Donut (or Misdo for short), the confectionary maker who brought us the jack-o’-lantern Hello Kitty doughnuts for Halloween, is already in the midst of preparing for the Christmas season, and boy does it look tasty!

A total of seven Christmas-themed munchies, including Snoopy and Woodstock doughnuts, are set to jazz up the display counters of Mister Donut outlets across Japan from mid-November.

▼ Left to right: Snoopy Doughnut, Woodstock Doughnut. 157 yen (US$1.61) each.

Snoopy Doughnut
Soft, fluffy yeast-dough doughnut, filled with whipped cream and coated in white chocolate, detailed with chocolate bits to form Snoopy’s face.

Woodstock Doughnut
The same cream-filled doughnut, this time coated in yellow lemon-chocolate, complete with chocolate to form the famous bird’s face.

▼ Left to right: Chocolate Tree, Berry Tree. 168 yen (US$1.72) each.

Chocolate Tree
A cake-doughnut ball stacked on top of a cake-doughnut ring to form the main body of the tree, topped with whipped cream, chocolate, almonds and white chocolate decoration.

Berry Tree
As above, but with strawberry chocolate, cranberries, and white chocolate decoration. Be still, my aching arteries!

▼ Left to right: (Top) Pon de Wreath Chocolate, Pon de Wreath Strawberry, (Bottom) Pon de Wreath White Chocolate. 147 yen ($1.50) each.

Pon de Wreath Varieties
Mister Donut’s signature chewy Pon de Ring doughnut, available in a choice of chocolate, strawberry chocolate, and white chocolate coatings, each decorated with differently flavoured chocolate stripes and colored sugar toppings.

Apart from character-shaped doughnuts, the festive crowd can also look forward to limited-edition Snoopy and Woodstock pair bowls and plates, available with the Misdo Snoopy Christmas Sets going at 1,050 yen ($10.80) per set.

▼ (Top) Snoopy and Woodstock pair plates, (Bottom) Snoopy and Woodstock pair bowls.

At the same time, the doughnut shop’s bite-sized doughnut series, Misdo Bits, will also be revamped to feature the Peanuts gang on its limited Winter packaging. Three new varieties, White Churro, Colorful Ball and Pon de Choco-ball, will be added to the Misdo Bits lineup.

▼ Misdo Bits: 30 pcs for 1,155 yen ($11.85), 18pcs for 693 yen ($7.11), 6pcs for 231 yen ($2.37).

▼ Left to right: White Churro, Colorful Ball, Pon de Choco-ball.

The special-edition Snoopy doughnuts and Winter edition Misdo Bits will be in stores from 13 November, while the Misdo Snoopy Christmas Sets will only be available from 25 November till 25 December, while stocks last. While Snoopy fans might be hesitant to bite into their favorite beagle, these colorful snacks are bound to spark some conversation at any Christmas party!

Source: Modelpress
Reference/images: Entabe