While adults had a hard time containing their laughter upon seeing a Japanese politician sobbing, a child recently provided a more endearing reaction to his tears.

For anyone who has forgotten this viral moment, in July of last year, former Hyogo Prefectural Assemblyman Ryutaro Nonomura was trying explain to the media the 3 million yen (US $30,000) he had claimed in travel expenses for 2013-14. His interview quickly turned into a sobbing mess, and eventually his public display of emotion spread across the globe. Few adults could keep themselves from making laughing at his antics, and even the famous anime Gintama opened their newest season with a parody of the politician.

It’s been more than 510 days since the incident, but Japanese news outlets are now revisiting the story. A small toddler was in the room during one such news segment and responded the way a kind and compassionate person should in that situation: She tried to wipe away his tears!

This toddler still has that child-like innocence we cherish — and she’s clearly a better person than most of us! This little angel is certainly one of the very few who offered support to the ex-assemblyman, and it’s absolutely precious how she takes a tissue right to his eyes and tries to stop his tears. We can only hope this kid will hold onto that compassion for others as she grows up.

Though we expect that in a few election cycles, she’ll have lost all hope in politics like the rest of us.

Source: Hamsoku
Top Image: YouTube/BBC News