Tokyo Skytree Sumida Aquarium Spotted Garden EelCare to watch hundreds of wriggling creatures squirming around in an underwater sand pit? Definitely not as cute as the puppy cam, but still pretty cool, 634 spotted garden eels in the Sumida Aquarium at the Tokyo Skytree will be broadcasted live on video streaming site, Nico Nico Douga.

In the wild, the skinny eels make their homes in sandy burrows close to coral reefs and they continue this behavior even in captivity. The Sumida Aquarium has a long tank dedicated to housing the hundreds of spotted garden eels and no other fish, giving visitors a clear view of each little head poking out of the sand.

Tokyo Skytree Sumida Aquarium Spotted Garden Eel2

View the live 60-hour broadcast on Nico Nico Douga starting at 9:00am JST on November 1! We know you’re eager to watch, so here’s a video of the spotted garden eel tank taken by a patron at the Sumida Aquarium:

And if you happen to find yourself near Tokyo Skytree, why not stop by and munch on a spotted garden eel churro while watching the actual spotted eels in their tank?

▼ They’re only 300 yen (US$3.08) at the Sumida Aquarium cafeteria.Spotted Garden Eel churo Sumida Aquarium

You can also bring home your very own eel by making one at the aquarium’s free workshop, now through November 11.

Spotted garden eel toy sumida aquarium

Source: IT Media
Images: Sumida Aquarium