Pikachu blanket and tote bag

We here at RocketNews24 are big fans of Pikachu and pals, and can think of no other way to celebrate the release of the newest Pokémon games than snuggling up in a fleece blanket featuring everyone’s favorite lightning mouse or toting around groceries in a bag with the adorable critter’s face. Luckily for us, these two items will be available October 31 as a part of a special commemorative magazine set to celebrate the recent release of the newest Pokémon X and Y.

Since the first Gameboy Pokémon games in 1998, the lovable yellow rodent has stolen our hearts. Although some may take this Pikachu obsession a little too far, these two new products would be perfect for the person who just can’t have enough “pika pika” in their life. But be prepared to choose, there are two editions of the magazine and you will have to choose which of the Pikachu goods is worth your 1,365 yen (US$14).

Besides information on the brand new Pokémon X and Y games, the magazine “WE LOVE! Pokémon” will have interviews, pictures, design secrets and whatever else you need to know about the popular video game series dating all the way back to the more than 15-year-old original games—Pokémon Red and Blue.


Pikachu fans on Twitter have been flipping out since the commemorative set was announced, with many not knowing which one they should buy. But a proper Pikachu fan may find it easier to buy both editions of the magazine, then to try to choose between the two. Check out the pictures below and let us know which one you’d choose

▼ Pikachu blanket

Pikachu blanket

▼ Pikachu shopping bag

Pikachu tote bag front

Pikachu tote bag back

Decisions, decisions…

Source and Images: Amazon Japan