iPhone 5c Pokemon

We were all skeptical when Apple announced the low-cost iPhone 5c. Nothing from Apple had ever been relatively affordable and there had never been a cheaper version of any of their products; it was a totally new turn for the tech giant. But now we get it, these phones were made for Pokemon.

Thanks to the creative work of George Michael Brower, anyone can turn their new iPhone 5c into their favorite Pokemon. A small sticker goes on the back side of the iPhone, representing a tail and the homescreen features a smiling Poke-face. Pink for Slowpoke, green for Bulbasaur, yellow for Pikachu, blue for Squirtle, and white for Seel.

Think you have to pay for these iPhone decals? Think again. George Michael Brower has generously offered the wallpaper and printable stickers for free!

The five pastel colors of the iPhone 5c seemed like an odd choice compared to the metallic colors of the nano and grays and blacks of the iPod classic, but we sure are glad that Apple went with their new color scheme. As cute as they are, we’re hoping this iPhone/Pokemon crossover doesn’t inspire those with a little extra cash to “catch ’em all.” That could get expensive.

Source: Pokesoku