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Here at RocketNews24, we strive to bring you the kind of news that really matters. The worst presents women have ever received; the kind of career you need to drive Japanese women crazy; the things Japanese women find weird about their foreign husbands… Now, you might not think this kind of stuff is actually so important–but don’t come complaining to us when you can’t keep a girlfriend because you choose an unsexy career path or sent your secret crush a box of tissues as a gift. (Seriously, tissues?)

So pay attention, fellas, because we’ve got more breaking news for you: Apparently, Japanese women love guys with black hair.

Recently, My Navi News conducted a poll of their female readers. It seems that 94 percent of the 200 respondents said they prefer guys with black hair. This is not necessarily at the exclusion of other hair colors, of course, though there were quite a few who didn’t care for brown-haired gentlemen either.

You might be asking yourself “don’t Japanese people have black hair?” here, and you’d be right. But stroll through pretty much any town these days and you could swear that there are also thousands of brunettes and red-heads, simply because dying your hair a lighter color is hugely popular in Japan. Perhaps some of those ginger-topped gents might want to reconsider, though…

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Speaking anonymously, the respondents shared their reasons for loving raven-haired men.

For some ladies, men with black hair simply made a good impression.

“Because they look cool.”

“It gives them a vibrant feeling.”

Other women said it made them look more masculine.

“I like that manly look.”

“Because it makes them look fearless and intrepid.”

“It increases their masculinity by 20 percent, like Jun Kaname.”

Another group of women thought men with black hair left a “calm” impression.

“It makes them look calm and settled.”

“They seem more adult.”

“It gives me a sense that they’re honest and hard-working.”

▼Maybe not all the time…

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Some women thought that black hair made men look smart.

“Because it makes a man look clever.”

“It makes them look as if they’re not messing around and can actually do their job.”

Then there was the group of women who simply love men with black hair.

“Really, there’s nothing appealing besides black hair!”

There were also some who simply hated dyed brown hair.

“When men dye their hair, they look like all they do is fool around.”

“I think black hair is much better on guys than when they dye their hair brown or blond.”

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Of course, there were a few women who didn’t care for the dark-haired men at all.

This group of women–only 4 percent of the respondents–seemed to think that black hair was kind of boring or too old-fashioned.

“Brown hair looks much cooler.”

“They look so out of fashion!”

If you’re feeling sad about your hair color now, it seems that most of the women were thinking about Japanese men. So foreign may still be in luck, even if they’re not blessed with dark hair. Still, if you’re looking for a girlfriend in Japan and not having any luck, maybe you’ll want to have a chat with your stylist!

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Japanese Internet users had a lot to say about the article.

“Even if you have black hair, you’re out of luck when you go bald!”

“Then why do women go dying their hair?? I just don’t get this at all! LOL”

“I think black hair looks unwashed and I don’t really like it.”

“Even in anime, all the really handsome guys have black hair.”

“It’s really got nothing to do with hair color. It’s all about whether or not the guy is handsome!”

Well, there you go. If you’re not having any luck with the ladies, ask them to throw in some black hair dye next time you’re at the hair salon. You’re guranteed to be be swarmed by admirers the moment you walk out the door!

Note: RocketNews24 does not actually guarantee any romantic advice given. Use at your own discretion.

Sources: Hachima Kikou, My Navi News
Images: Twitter