human flesh

Japanese artist turns man’s face into eerily realistic human flesh coin purse

Disembodied finger used as a hanko seal.

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South Korea busts smugglers for “diet pills” containing human flesh

Back in 2011, news reports that Chinese-made “health supplements” contained ground-up corpses of babies and fetuses shocked the world. Unfortunately, this macabre story continues as some of the so-called “human flesh capsules” have made their way into South Korea again. Even though there has been a heavy crackdown on these kind of black market “medicine,” Korean authorities arrested two Chinese men last month for smuggling the gruesome pills and then reselling them as “diet supplements.”

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Smuggling of Human Flesh Capsules on the Increase in Korea. Even Reports of Dog Flesh?

Earler this week, Japanese website Niconico ran an article suggesting that the capsules containing ground up human fetuses are being smuggled into Korea.

As shocking as it sounds, this is not the first time such stories have appeared online. Incheon International Airport Customs and Excise Department reportedly made public the discovery on 31 March this year.

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