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In countries like Japan and America, funerals are generally thought of as very somber affairs. No one wants to say goodbye to their friends and loved ones, and that final parting is something that cultures across the globe take very seriously. However, in some parts of Taiwan, this undesirable situation is occasionally met with marching bands wearing miniskirts! A series of videos have surfaced on YouTube, portraying Taiwanese funerals as rather enjoyable affairs. Whose idea was it to treat such a serious ceremony to the same sort of flair that’s found at an American football game?

A couple of years back, a funeral coordinator from the southwest region of Taiwan began posting clips of various funerals in session. In the middle of the room for one such video, there is a closed casket. That much is to be expected. What has the Internet talking is the box’s perimeter. Circling the deceased is a marching band of beautiful women wearing short miniskirts. They’re playing a medley of songs from Taiwan’s pop music hits, and while their performance is conducted in all seriousness, it sets a surprisingly upbeat tone.

For people who hail from countries where funerals are cloaked in nothing but sadness, the thought of a brass band in sexy miniskirts marching circles around a casket may appear as nothing short of surreal, but according to Taiwanese news sources, this is not uncommon in parts of southern Taiwan.

Here’s what a handful of Internet users had to say about this nevertheless surprising scene:

“Isn’t that just the best farewell?”
“Whoa, this is actually kind of awesome!”
“The girl playing the snare is cute.”
“This looks more like a celebration!”
“This is livelier than my wedding.”
“Careful, you’ll wake the dead!”
“My dead grandpa would have loved this.”
“I’d like to request a funeral like this.”

Try to think of it this way: your dearly departed friend or family member wouldn’t want to see sadness on the faces of all of their loved ones as they’re being sent off to the other side. From the perspective of the person who has passed away, doesn’t a lively funeral sound so much better?

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▼ Here’s a small collection of the funeral performances of miniskirt-clad marching bands in Taiwan.

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