2013.11.2 idol phone

While making a hobby out of adoring Japanese idols is a perfectly acceptable pastime, we here at RocketNews24 know that with so many ways to indulge, from plumbing to college courses to ramen, some idol enthusiasts may find themselves with a full-blown case of “idol addiction.” Luckily, there is a hotline for those wanting to find out how to enjoy their idol worship in moderation!

Open on weekdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, the “Idol Addicts Anonymous” line states clearly that “Idols should be enjoyed in moderation.” It asks these questions to see if you have a problem with idols:

Have you ever lied to go to an idol event?

Do you buy the same idol merchandise again and again?

Have you ever surprised an idol, then gotten scolded for it?

Have you had to borrow money to pay for your habit?

Have you gotten in a fight with someone important due to an idol?

The hotline encourages anyone who answered yes to just one of those questions to call and talk about how to have a better life-idol balance. Do you know anyone who should be calling “Idol Addicts Anonymous?”

Source/Image: Twitter