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September 26 of this year marked the end of the series finale of the popular swimming anime, Free!, though fans of the series remain highly active on the Internet and at doujinshi (fan comic) events.

Recently, there’s been a real flurry of excitement within the Free! fandom on Asian blogs and online gossip columns over one fan’s genius idea to get the series’ token sweetheart to lie between her sheets. Because who wouldn’t want to sleep next to such beautiful 2-D biceps, right?

Makoto Tachibana is a member of the main cast of Free!, a recent sports anime, which follows a team of high school swimmers. The show was heavily marketed towards women, as every episode was filled to the brim with powerful, young half-naked men dripping wet and making eyes at each other. And suffice to say, the fujoshi are having a field day with this one!

One fan took what first appears to be a more personal, and perhaps physical, approach to exploring the character of Makoto by using the printer at their local convenience store to print out life-size fanart of his naked body! The fan then proceeded to attach the picture to the wall beside their bed and arrange the covers such that the charming boy seems to be waiting between the sheets.

Reactions to the picture have ranged from raucous laughter to quiet awe, though some have admitted that they’d be much too shy to sleep next to such a delicious depiction of man meat, much less create their own copy of his bare-balls at a public printer! One person Tweeted, “If I were to try sleeping next to Makoto, I’d get embarrassed, and it just wouldn’t work…”

But is sleeping next to this poster of perfection really what the original fan aimed to accomplish? A little extra digging reveals that this may not actually be the case. It looks like whoever put together this picture set really just wanted to facilitate their favorite coupling.

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Whelp, whatever turns you on!

Source: Jin115 (Japanese)
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▼ Here’s the full image that’s been making its rounds on Asian Internet sites.

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free in bed01

▼ Of course, this isn’t the first time such a poster has been made. Here’s some Prince of Tennis with the added effect of matching bedsheets!

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