Hako Vision2

Every year around Christmas time, cities across Japan feature beautiful light displays. Although it’s debatable whether or not Japan actually “gets” Christmas, it’s undeniable that they know how to put on a good light show. One of the most stunning shows features images projected onto famous buildings.

It used to be that you had to travel and see these displays first hand, but that isn’t the case anymore. Thanks to Bandai, creators of an entire armada of wacky Japanese toys, you’re just a miniature purchase and smartphone app away from a 3-D lightshow at home.

This nearly magical product is called “Hako Vision” and uses 3-D projection mapping to make it appear as if the included miniature building is moving, turning, and glowing. The kit consists of a small box with one of two building designs and a “clear plate.” After assembling, users place their smartphone on top of the box, which will show perfectly projected images that appear to be dancing on the building.

Hako Vision3

Closer to being confused than in awe? Take a look at the promotional video; this technology is really cool!

Hako Vision will be released on January 27 for the price of 525 yen (US$5.30) and a Gundam-theme Hako Vision is rumored to be released sometime in 2014. The already announced Tokyo Hikari  and Karakuri versions of Hako Vision look amazing! We can’t wait to see a 3-D projection Gundam display!

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Source: IT Media
Images: Amazon Japan, Bandai