Once you leave the house in the morning, your alone time is usually done for the day. Aside from a nice long bathroom break, you probably won’t be able to hide away from the prying eyes of your co-workers or classmates until you get back home.

Unless you’re lucky enough to get an elevator all to yourself! But if you do, just remember one thing: The security cameras are probably watching your every move, so don’t do anything too peculiar.


A “hidden camera” video recently popped up on YouTube, featuring an attractive young woman getting on an elevator by herself. After pressing the button for her floor, she looks around as the doors close. Taking a moment to glance in the mirror, the woman then reaches into her bag and pulls out not a smartphone, makeup mirror or even some work-related document, but some kind of spray can!


Oh, the viewer thinks, well, anyone can have stinky pits. I can see why she might want to freshen up before–wait, WHAT!?

We don’t want to spoil the surprise, and the video is only about 30 seconds long, so watch it for yourself below. (It’s slightly not safe for work, but then you wouldn’t be watching videos at work anyway, would you?)

The video got quite a few comments from on a Japanese blogging site.

Wow! Is it really that stinky??

It’s tough for women. But it’s also tough for guys too. Coming home from work, lots of guys have sweat between their sensitive bits and their thighs, and it just has a sour-acid smell. It’s really nasty.

What the…?? [In response to previous comment.]

Maybe it’s static electricity spray?

Even without the laugh track, I would have assumed that this was a fake.

That last commenter makes a good point. The video could originally be from a sketch show or some kind, designed to shock and then released online. There again it could just be that we all need to remember the immortal words of Orwell: Big Brother is watching you. Probably.

Sources: YouTube, 1000mg (extremely not safe for work!)
Images: YouTube