If you sit down to watch Japanese TV during the evening, you’ll be inundated with talk shows filled with celebrity antics, riotous laughter and an array of stand-up comedians.

While the majority of comedians like to poke fun at each other with puns and verbal gags commonly seen in traditional straight-man/funny-man manzai routines, others like to get a laugh by simply taking their gear off. That’s the route chosen by Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura, whose known around Japan for appearing onstage in nothing but a skimpy thong and a number of hilarious “magical poses” that make him look like he’s completely naked.

Now Yasumura is set to conquer the world, by enthusiastically sharing his ‘naked’ poses in several new videos with explanations in various languages, including English. With tricks you can try at home or in an inebriated state at a party, “Don’t worry, I’m wearing” is the next new thing from Japan everyone will be talking about!

Yasumura’s new videos appear in Thai, Korean and English versions, all using local scenarios unique to each target audience. The clips show “the posing which look like ‘naked’ but actually wearing underwear” and feature Yasumura standing unapologetically in a pink floral thong while carefully explaining the tricks of his trade.


To check out his three ‘butt-naked” poses specifically designed for American audiences, take a look at the video below. His charming nature and ingenious poses will have you laughing out loud!

Don’t worry, I’m wearing. Now that’s definitely a clip to share with your friends! Let’s recap Yasumura’s poses so we can practice at home in front of the mirror…

American Football Player

1. Get ready for the start of a play by putting your imaginary helmet on.


2.  Drop down into the three-point stance and voila! It instantly looks like you’ve lost your pants.


Gunman in Western Movies

1. Commit to the duel by marching away in your pantless chaps.


2. Turn around, get down on one knee and draw your pistol. Be sure to keep that other pistol tucked away securely behind your thigh!



This extra special move is so fast you’ll miss it if you blink. Start off by clinging to an imaginary wall.


Then jump off and perform a Spidey move in mid-air, throwing a web from your wrist while appearing butt-naked to anyone who notices you.


And once you’ve completed your routine, don’t forget to finish with a nude bow!


To see more creative poses, be sure to check out Yasumura’s Thai and Korean videos below.

And don’t forget, it’s all okay because he’s kept his pants on this whole time. “Don’t worry, I’m wearing”!


Screenshots: YouTube/Yoshimoto R and C Co., Ltd. Official Channel
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