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It’s all happening on Asia’s trains this week, isn’t it? According to Southeast Asian news sources, a man dressed in “samurai” garb faces up to five years in prison and “flogging” after jumping the ticket gate and then brandishing a full-length samurai sword on board a busy subway train on Monday this week.

At around 12:45 p.m. on December 16, a man with untidy, shoulder-length hair and dressed like a samurai from the waist down boarded a subway train in a suburban area of Singapore.

Despite his somewhat comical appearance as a slightly paunchy t-shirt-wearing swordsman, the blade he was carrying appeared to be quite real, and police officers found themselves unable to approach him, the man swinging his sword when they attempted to converse with him from a safe distance.

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Commuters (except the man shown sitting in the photo above, who seemingly could not give a damn) stood clear of the tubby swordsman while others discreetly took snaps with their mobile phones and uploading them to social networks, presumably with captions along the lines of “I fear for my life, and yet this swordsman appears to have let himself go a bit.”

Police were eventually able to close in and arrest the man when he alighted at City Hall Station in the nation’s urban centre. He is being charged with possession of a dangerous weapon in a public place, a crime that is punishable by Singaporean law with up to five years imprisonment and, according to The Malaysian Insider, “flogging”.

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Source: Livedoor News (Japanese) The Malaysian Insider
Photos via Jin115