With New Year’s just around the corner supermarkets and department stores all over Japan are displaying kagami mochi. These are mounds of the popular Japanese food mochi which is made from rice and has a gummy consistency.

They can serve as household decorations up until 1 January when they may then be happily, and hopefully safely, devoured. However, mochi has a subtle sweetness that some might find rather bland. If that’s the case for you then Baskin Robbins is hoping you’ll enjoy their Kagami Mochi Ice Cream Cakes.

These cakes contain no mochi whatsoever and are made entirely of ice cream and whipped cream. The cake consists of two layers of ice cream. On the top is a solemn mound of regular Vanilla in keeping with the dignified tradition of a Japanese New Year, but the party is down below with a heaping helping of Popping Shower flavor which contains pop rocks.

The ice cream is decoratively coated with whipped cream and served with a little “Happy 2014” placard signifying the upcoming year of the horse and a cute little imitation orange atop to complete the look.

So if you have an extra-large sweet-tooth and penchant for pop rocks, then Baskin Robbins’ take on a Japanese classic might be for you. They are taking preorders up until 31 December, but the sooner you act the better your chances of getting it early next year.

Just don’t go thinking of decorating your home with a Baskin Robbins Kagami Mochi for days on end. That could get ugly.

Source: Baskin Robbins via Iro Iro, Hachima Soku (Japanese)