We’ve already covered South Korea’s attitudes about plastic surgery; basically, that it’s considered at worst a necessary evil for some folks to get ahead in life.

That cultural attitude has led the country to be widely considered the world cosmetic surgery capital, and has even led a handful, like this obsessed woman, to spend years of their lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars artificially perfecting their appearance.

We’re not sure who the woman is, but we hope we’re not out of line when we say that, before all the surgery, she wasn’t exactly a looker. Still, the jury is out on whether looking like your face is made out of candle wax is a worthy trade-off.

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Korean speakers, feel free to give your input in the comments section, but the video below appears to show a male model judging the woman’s appearance at various stages of the seven years of cosmetic surgery she underwent:

In the next video, we see a snippet of the woman’s personal story and see her visiting a surgeon for a touch-up. We can’t overlook the fact that the surgeons in these types of stories never appear to have had any surgery themselves, which is kind of like a shady supplement salesman refusing to take his own product for fear it might kill him.

Whatever your opinion on plastic surgery, it’s clear there’s a thin line between it being moderately beneficial and turning you into an uncanny valley video game character come to life.

Source: Zaeega