We’ve looked at plastic surgery in South Korea from pretty much every angle there is, but this is the first time we’ve come across something quite like this!

The Korean Wave (Hallyu) of pop culture has been steadily gaining strength around the world over the last few years as more and more people discover the infectious sounds of K-Pop and the addictive plot lines of K-dramas (seriously, I double dare you to watch only one episode before going to bed). South America is no exception to the trend, with starstruck female fans swooning over the dreamy Korean men and soaking up the trademark dances that go with each song. Which is perhaps why one 25-year-old Brazilian man decided to undergo a series of cosmetic surgeries to make himself look more Korean.

We’ve heard of Korean citizens getting work done to look more like Western models and stars, but this is a first for us. Join us after the jump for a slew of photos from this man’s amazing transformation.

Many young and fresh-faced male Korean singers and actors are often just as famous for their pretty faces and fashion sense as for their acting or singing skills (the notable exception being Psy of “Gangnam Style” fame), and have legions of fans all over the world for that very reason.

A Brazilian man, who now wishes to go by the name Xiahn to protect his identity, also felt that this Korean look was the epitome of handsome, and so opted to spend a significant amount of money to get the same look for himself.


According to his Facebook page, Xiahn attended the Universidade Feevale in Brazil’s southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul. At some point, he also studied abroad at Dongseo University in Busan, South Korea as an exchange student (it is unclear whether he is still there; his profile seems to indicate that he is still in Busan). To add to his impressive international education record, he is able to speak Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Korean.

While in Korea, Xiahn apparently became fascinated by the high frequency at which Koreans got plastic surgery and their casual attitude towards it. “Koreans have many surgeries to modify the shape of their eyes and become more like Westerners,” he remarks. “It was easy to tell when one of them had done it, walking on the street wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask.”

Perhaps his curiosity got the best of him, because he eventually embarked on a journey to undergo 10 surgical procedures for a grand total of approximately US$3,100 in order to look more Korean, with most of the work being done on his eyes. In addition, although he is naturally a blue-eyed blonde, Xiahn now wears dark-colored contacts and dyes his hair.

What do you think of his new ‘Korean idol’ look? 






▼OK, there’s no way he’s NOT trying to channel Big Bang’s T.O.P. circa the Alive EP era…



▼Hey, what’s that guy doing there?!


The following are a few pictures from the last two years, maybe before the bulk of his surgeries (?):

▼August 2013


▼June 2013 (that pose is typically made by Korean girls trying to act cute)


▼May 2012


All in all, Xiahn appears to be satisfied with the results of his surgeries. His final thoughts? “I have no regrets, and I don’t intend to have any more procedures.”

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Images: Facebook: Xiahn