Visitors to Tokyo may be aware of a popular local sweet called Tokyo Banana sold here in the city. They’re cute, yellow, banana-shaped sponge cakes with banana custard cream filling inside. And yes, they’re as good as the description sounds, which is why the cakes are a well-loved treat in Japan, and seemingly in other  parts of the world as well, as I’ve actually heard people from Singapore and Malaysia mention that they’re fans of the cake.

One of the reporters at our sister site Pouch is also apparently a big fan, so when a new version of Tokyo Banana came out this month, she naturally had to get her hands on some! And what’s so special about the new Tokyo Banana cakes? Well, to start with, they’re only sold at one location — Tokyo Station to be exact — and not only do they come in a different flavor from the regular cakes, they come in beautiful, colorful prints!

Yes, the small sponge cakes actually have bright flowers printed all over them. The new cakes, which came out last Saturday, are called “Tokyo Banananohana”, which is a play on the words “banana” and “nanohana“, a kind of yellow rapeseed flower common in Japan, hence the yellow flower prints on the cakes.

So, how were the new Banananohana cakes?

▼When our reporter arrived at Tokyo Station, there was a special vending area advertising that the new cakes were only available there at the station.banana2

▼There seems to have been a bit of a line, as staff were holding signs to guide customers waiting to buy the cake. And isn’t the bag lovely?banana3

▼Our reporter bought a package of eight cakes, priced at 1,050 yen (US$10). They also come in packages of four (500 yen) and twelve (1,550 yen).banana4


▼The cakes are wrapped prettily, so they can make a nice gift.banana6

▼The flower prints are so delightful, they’re bound to put a smile on almost anyone’s face.banana7

▼Mmm… and of course, we can’t forget that delicious cream inside!banana8

The cakes are supposed to be “banana shake-flavored“, and the product description on the official website says that Tokyo Banananohana is made of “milk-flavored banana custard cream gently wrapped in a vanilla-scented sponge cake”. Upon trying the cake, our reporter thought the flavor was quite mild, and the taste of banana was not as strong as in the regular Tokyo Banana.

So, if you’re in the mood for a real taste of banana, then the regular cake might be a better option, but still, you have to admit the new cakes look pretty awesome. It’s a pity they’re only sold at Tokyo Station, but as a gift, they should elicit many delighted squeals of “Cute!”

Original article and photos by: Usagi Yumeno
Source: Tokyo Banana World (Japanese)