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A peculiar flower that resembles Darth Vader has just bloomed at the Kyoto Botanical Garden, causing rebels in the Kyoto metropolitan area to tremble in fear. With two deep pitted areas and a smaller one in the middle, as well as a bulbous cap with curled edges, it appears the Sith Lord has been reincarnated as a flower.

While technically called aristolochia salvador platensis, “Darth Vader Flower” just rolls off the tongue. The plant originates in the humid climates of Central America, but is able to thrive in the Kyoto Botanical Garden greenhouse. The Darth Vader Flower originated as a small seedling which was brought to Kyoto in March 2001 from Setsunan University in Osaka. The pint-sized flowers only grow to about 5 cm (2 in) and bloom for only a single week. If a hostile take-over is being planned for Kyoto, the Darth Vader flowers better get going quick, they only have six more days!

Darth Vader Flower

Source: MSN News Japan
Images: See more pictures, Garden of EadenScifi Wikia