Now menu item comes hot on the heels of McDonald’s Japan’s caramel shakes.

Rivalry can be a funny thing, as sometimes it can drive fierce competitors to adopt very similar tactics in an attempt to prove who’s better. Take, for example, McDonald’s and KFC, the two most famous fast food chains.

Just about a week ago, McDonald’s Japan added caramel shakes to its menu. And what is KFC set to start selling at the start of October? Its own caramel dessert drinks.

That said, this isn’t a case of the Colonel’s crew outright copying the house that Ronald built. KFC’s new item isn’t a milk shake, but part of its Krushers line of frozen beverages, like last spring’s green tea drinks were. KFC also one-ups McDonald’s in the fanciness department by topping the Krushers Caramel Crunch with a macadamia nut and caramel sauce, plus crumbled vanilla cookie bits, for some extra variety and texture.

The standard Krushers Caramel Crunch is priced at 350 yen (US$3.40), and select KFC locations will also be offering a premium version, which adds whipped cream to the topping list, for 480 yen. Both versions will be available for a limited, unspecified time and go on sale October 1, meaning you can try them back-to-back with McDonald’s caramel shake, which will be on sale until mid-October.

Source: Entabe
Top image: KFC Japan (edited by RocketNews24)

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