Domino’s Japan announces that they’re seriously considering this as an option for sending out pizzas this winter.

Japan’s meteorological agency has been predicting a particularly brutal winter this year, threatening the nation with blizzards, ice storms, and (perhaps) more vengeful yeti-like snow monsters. All of this could potentially disrupt public transportation and may even cause roads and highways, the arteries of commerce and the food supply chain, to grind to a halt.

But fear not! Japan’s greatest minds have turned quickly to confronting the very grave question on all of our minds–how will we eat pizza without leaving our house in the event of a snowmageddon?

Apparently the fine folk at Domino’s Japan already have a (very real) contingency plan in place for this type of scenario, and are working hard to figure out the most cost-effective and reliable method for delivering their cheese-laden, dough-based products to the hungry masses.

After considering a number of other options, they’ve settled on reindeer. Yes, seriously, this isn’t a hoax. Reindeer, like the kind Santa Claus uses.

▼ PETA’s not going to like this….

This certainly sounds like a festive solution to the problem, but Domino’s admits that many logistical hurdles remain. Specifically, they’ve listed several major issues that need to be addressed before the scheme can be considered seriously.

Can the deliveries be completed safely–you know so that no one gets stampeded to death by giant reindeer hooves? What distance can the reindeer travel to complete their deliveries? What the heck is going to happen when the reindeer encounters someone’s pet golden retriever, or cat, or turtle?

▼ These are actual things that are actually being
considered by actual human beings.


To resolve these questions and determine the feasibility of the plan, the company has launched a trial period for performing training exercises in the city of Ishikari in icy Hokkaido. As a former resident of Hokkaido (Kushiro represent!), I can attest that the weather is indeed very cold, to the extent that big chunks of ice float around in the Sea of Okhotsk. So yeah, not quite the North Pole, but you get the idea!

large_map_of_hokkaido_within_japanWikimedia Commons/Ningyou

The action plan included with the press release explains that the trials are taking place on the grounds of a driving school under the supervision of a trained animal-handler. A series of images released by Domino’s shows the adorable reindeer, which actually appears a lot smaller than one might imagine, trudging through the snow with what one can only surmise to be pizza-related hardware mounted to its back.


Wow. Well, I guess they just take pizza really seriously. I mean, I hope the reindeer gets a slice or two at least covered with whatever it is a reindeer eats. Lichen? Pinecones?

Other information appears scant at this stage, with many questions unanswered, including the number of reindeer that will be recruited and trained for the program, or whether this is a strictly seasonal arrangement, or where exactly they plan to keep all these reindeer when they’re not delivering pizzas. Hopefully not in a stable on the store premises, I imagine that could cause problems with the health inspectors. These challenges aside, however, it seems like the company is actually committed to this plan.

Domino’s, for its part, has indicated that additional details about the initiative will be announced on November 24 according to their official website. Hopefully they will answer all of the important questions at that time, including whether or not the reindeer will lovingly kabe-don you upon delivery, or if they will be piloting Hatsune Miku pizza-delivery scooters.

Source, images: Domino’s Japan
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