Pop quiz, guys: Your girlfriend approaches you and says she’ll wear whatever panties you tell her to, and she won’t even get mad if you choose the ones that reveal too much or make her look fat. What do you do? Go for the safe, hip-level sailor stripes? How about the slightly creepy but non-offensive teddy bear print? Go for broke and tell her to go commando?

This is the kind of question men of the Internet apparently pore over, because this image with the above question popped up on a Japanese Internet forum recently.

Since we’re telling all here, your humble author will lay his cards down and say he’d probably go for number two, which may seem weird to you as the least revealing option. But then again, Japanese men’s responses were all over the map; with a lot of guys opting unsurprisingly for one, five and nine.

Others waded into TMI territory with things like:

“I’d have her wear number six and make her display them in public.”

“Too bad there aren’t any chastity belt options.”

“I’d wear number six, then make her wear them.”

“Any are fine. I just want to smell them.”

Um… anyway, here’s to hoping those in the comments section have classier responses. Maybe we’ll even see a little love for number 7, the girl fundoshi.

Source: Rajic