2014.01.10 Chinese lady

Have you made that New Year’s resolution to be healthier but just can’t seem to make the commitment to work out? Is the only flexible thing in your life the elastic band around your sweatpants after you gorge yourself on cake? We think we can motivate you into a more active lifestyle by seeing a Chinese lady in her 50s doing her morning stretching routine that will be sure to shame you into eating healthier and exercising more!

It seems like this extremely limber woman does this stretching routine every morning at her local park in Liaoning province. We can only guess that she is keeping her body fit for the opportunity to bust a move in her senior years. We applaud her flexibility and wish we knew her secret! Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think!

Source: Toychan Net
Image/Video: YouTube (China Lian)