As we saw earlier today, some girls in Japan celebrate turning the big two-oh with some rather elaborate outfits. However, most young women on Coming-of-Age Day in Japan opt for a more traditional-looking kimono.

Another aspect of Coming-of-Age Day is the ceremony held in each region of the land. In each of them, large numbers of young men and women gather to celebrate, during which time it’s only natural for at least some of them to hook up, which is perhaps why the love hotel industry sees an annual spike on this particular holiday.

If you put these two things together, though, you have a big problem.

Anyone who has ever worn a kimono will tell you that it’s a complicated ensemble that generally requires a separate, professional set of hands to simply put on. There are many complicated layers, ties and fasteners, and so the afterglow any woman who has just engaged in some lusty action might be basking in will soon turn into the dark reality that she cannot – despite being miles from home – get dressed again. Her 20-year-old beau with a clip-on tie likely won’t be any help either.

Indeed, any participant in these ceremonies looking to get lucky will have to deal with a walk-of-shame of traditional Japanese epic proportions. That’s why love hotels, wanting to protect their profits, are offering “free dressing services” for kimono-clad clientele.

Although the prices will range from free to a minimal fee, many of these temporary love-making establishments will provide a professional set of hands to get ladies looking straight again and able to go back out in public.

So if – for whatever reason – on the second weekend of January you happen to be wearing a kimono and it needs some emergency fixing up, you may want to rent a room at a love hotel for an hour instead. Depending where you are it might be cheaper.

Source: Gold Rush via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Top Image: Amazon
Video: YouTube – kimonoyamato

A video demonstration of putting on a kimono’s obi: The fact that it’s 12 minutes long should indicate how hard it is.