Coming of Age Day

We visit one of Japan’s top pompadour barbers, learn a secret about those Coming of Age Day photos

Our mild-mannered reporter gets hooked up with the king of bad-boy haircuts in Japan, the “regent.”

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“The hell with sound judgement” says Red Bull in ad, but Japanese people don’t seem to agree

Energy drink maker gets edgy in Coming of Age Day message, but some people think they need to grow up.

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Words of wisdom to live by from a simple Japanese father for Coming of Age Day

Our writer received a heartfelt message from his father on his Coming of Age Day 23 years ago which he would now like to share with you.

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Japan’s craziest Coming of Age Day is back with Kitakyushu Seijin no Hi 2021【Photos】

All of Japan has Coming of Age Ceremonies in January, but nowhere has them quite like Kitakyushu.

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Super-flashy kimono shop Miyabi tells us about the Coming of Age Day situation this year

Will COVID-19 dampen Japan’s most flamboyant celebration?

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Coming of Age Ceremonies in Tokyo changing form due to COVID-19 State of Emergency

As with everything in the age of coronavirus, things are a little different this year.

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Yokohama’s Coming of Age Ceremony ruined by “yankees” who fight, illegally scale walls, drink

But in spite of all that, Pikachu still made a guest appearance!

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Can you guess what celebrity snuck into this Japanese Coming of Age Day photo?

Twitter user’s fun experiment in style grabs the attention of the actual celebrity photoshopped into the image above.

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Three-way “yankee” street brawl breaks out following Coming-of-Age Ceremony in Japan【Video】

Kimono vs. suits vs. cops.

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Seijinshiki 2019: Best wild kimono outfits from Coming of Age Day celebrations in Kitakyushu

Gorgeous gangsta boys and girls pose for our camera at Japan’s most out-there ceremony. 

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Get your money Mizuho Bank customers! All ATMs are taking the long weekend off

In Japan, even cash-dispensing machines need a little R&R sometimes.

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Coming of Age Day costumer turns our 40-year-old reporter into a glammed up, garish Yankee【Pics】

For the first time, our dedicated reporter on Kitakyushu’s most pompadour-packed procession gets to dress just like one of the revelers in question.
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Japanese girl astounds onlookers with unusual kimono obi sash

Even the girl’s own father couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

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Kitakyushu is the life of the party again this Coming of Age Day with gold-trimmed rickshaws 【Photos】

And pompadours? You bet!

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26 scenes from one of the liveliest Coming of Age Day celebrations in Japan 【Photos】

For some young adults in Japan, Coming of Age Day is a somewhat solemn or drab affair, but in Kita-Kyushu it is anything but.

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Crazy clothes, car accidents, and bungie jumping: The 2016 “Coming of Age Day” round-up

Coming of Age day is a huge deal for young adults in Japan, which means insane clothes, cars, and…bungie jumping?

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Chibatman speaks! Costumed superhero addresses crowd at Chiba’s Coming of Age Ceremony【Video】

Last Monday in Japan was Coming of Age Day, the national holiday which celebrates everyone who’s reached the age of 20, and thus legal adulthood, during the past 12 months. 20 is also the drinking age in Japan, and while safeguards against minors getting boozed up are pretty lax in the country, many people decide to exercise their newly acquired legal right to get as tanked up as humanly possible, which probably had something to do with the childishly inconsiderate behavior and scuffles with the police that broke out during some of the festivities in Okinawa.

Not every part of Japan was marked with lawlessness that day, though. As a matter of fact, a coming of age ceremony in Chiba Prefecture featured a special appearance by Chibatman, who showed that he speaks Japanese in the same extra gravely voice heard in the English versions of his most recent movies.

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Japanese youths celebrate reaching adulthood with outrageous outfits and Elvis hair

Monday was Coming of Age day in Japan, an annual celebration held on the second Monday of January where those who have turned 20 over the past year come together to celebrate while everyone else gets a day off work. There are ceremonies (seijin shiki) held at local and prefectural offices and of course many after-parties where I’m sure everyone acts as maturely as befits a young adult. In Kitakyushu things got a bit wild, with a substantial number of kids turning up with crazy pimped out outfits and hair.

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We examine the footage, decide Coming of Age Day in Okinawa is actually pretty badass【Video】

Japan’s Coming of Age Day, held in January to celebrate young people who have turned 20 in the last year, involves dressing up in fancy kimono to attend an official ceremony, followed by a trip to the shrine or (more likely) an afterparty.

Or, to put it another way, every 20-year-old in the country is invited to a party to celebrate the fact they’re old enough to drink alcohol. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that in recent years, each Coming of Age Day has brought with it a small number of arrests, as rowdy enjoyment spills over into reckless driving and alcohol-related incidents.

Okinawa in particular boasts some of the wildest Coming of Age celebrations in Japan. This year, filmmaker and Okinawa native Hisashi Hamamoto headed to some of the busiest spots to film the partygoers. Join us after the jump for kids blocking traffic, shaking champagne about and generally having a riot, Japan-style.

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Love hotels offer free post-coital kimono dressing service for guests on Coming of Age Day

As we saw earlier today, some girls in Japan celebrate turning the big two-oh with some rather elaborate outfits. However, most young women on Coming-of-Age Day in Japan opt for a more traditional-looking kimono.

Another aspect of Coming-of-Age Day is the ceremony held in each region of the land. In each of them, large numbers of young men and women gather to celebrate, during which time it’s only natural for at least some of them to hook up, which is perhaps why the love hotel industry sees an annual spike on this particular holiday.

If you put these two things together, though, you have a big problem.

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