Kotatsu for singles

The kotatsu, that low table heater that is often the only source of heat in a Japanese room, is sometimes just too big for one person…said absolutely no one in Japan. Who hasn’t enjoyed diving under the table, fluffy futon pulled up to your eyeballs while you think of warm sandy beaches…a volcano…anything to take you away from the ice cave that is your Japanese home. That’s why we were so upset to find this kotatsu for singles. Not only does it not allow you to completely immerse yourself in life-giving warmth, its tiny stature is like a little footnote in the middle of the room, whispering, “P.S. You’re still single.”

This abomination is actually a big seller (according to the website it’s being sold on). At a price of 6,980 yen (US$67.14), it’s significantly cheaper than a normal size kotatsu, which usually sells for around 15,000 to 25,000 yen ($144 to $240). But we just can’t get past the impracticality of the mini version, which is barely large enough to accommodate your instant ramen above or your legs below. At least you can use it as a foot warmer…

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 3.09.08 AM

Images: Kotatsu Ehoh