Working from home was great while it lasted but we’re about to become full-time nappers at home. 

As the chillier days of autumn arrive and winter creeps ever closer, Japanese households are getting ready to break out their country’s best invention ever: the kotatsu heated table. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of warming your legs under a thick futon blanket that traps the toasty goodness of a heater inside. Many an unsuspecting fool has sat down at the kotatsu vowing to get up after just one TV show only to wake up the next morning after being lulled to sleep by its heavenly comfort.

Just recently we saw a genius kotatsu variation in the form of a desk. This time, we’d like to introduce one more exciting new kotatsu accompaniment in the form of Bell Maison’s “Super Big Kotatsu Futon” (超ビッグなこたつ布団)–a futon that could actually swallow up an entire room. The way we see it, it’s either the perfect–or worst conceivable–home goods addition for your family during the era of telecommuting and studying from home.

▼ Finally, a kotatsu futon big enough to fit all of your family, friends, and pets at once

Now, a typical square kotatsu futon is anywhere from 160-210 centimeters (63-83 inches) in length on any side. It’s rare to see one that exceeds 300 centimeters in length, and absolutely unheard of to see one like the Super Big Kotatsu Futon that measures 360 x 390 centimeters! With that kind of coverage, you could sit in a nearby chair or sofa and still be comfortably encased in warmth over and above your shoulders.

Furthermore, you get your choice of two colors–beige or brown, as seen above. The futon fabric is made from polyester microfiber and is water-repellent to boot, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your beverage and the blanket absorbing it before you get your hands on a towel.

▼ Liquid droplets can be easily wiped up after a spill.

If you don’t mind signing away your last remnants of productivity, the Super Big Kotatsu Futon can be yours for 18,990 yen (US$179) through Bell Maison’s official website. If you know you couldn’t battle the temptation but still want to make someone in the household a blissfully happy napper, check out this cat kotatsu for your feline friends instead.

Source, images: Tsuhan Bell Maison
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