Whether you’re plodding around the house or hibernating in your room, this versatile robe has you covered in more ways than one!

Japan’s adorable relaxed bear character Rilakkuma is so popular he can be found on everything from sofas to cakes and brown-coloured onesies. Now it’s time for his white bear friend Korilakkuma to steal people’s hearts with a onesie of her own, and this one comes with a number of cute little details that fans will love!


The light and fluffy microfibre “blanket” comes with an adorable hood, a pair of roomy sleeves and a couple of buttons so it can be worn like a robe. In the middle of the neckline is Korilakkuma’s signature round red button. 


▼ Underneath the crossover section are two white buttons, which allow you to adjust the size of the outfit.


▼ Hands are kept warm with two pink-trimmed thumb holes.


▼ While toes can be slid into the foot pockets at the bottom of the robe to stay warm.


▼ And when it’s not being used, the whole thing zips up inside itself to become a comfy cushion!


The cute onesie comes in two lengths: the short version, which measures roughly 125 centimetres (49.2 inches).


▼ And the longer version, which measures 175 centimetres (69 inches).


Buttons on the side of each onesie lets you hike up the hem to make moving about easier. When it’s time to chill out in bed or on the couch, simply unhook the edges and you’ll be covered in warm, soft material again.


The cutest part of the outfit is the adorable hood, which keeps your head warm and gives you a cute bear face to keep annoying people away when you want to enjoy a snooze like a relaxed cub!


The onesies retail for 8,424 yen (US$81.89) and can be purchased from the San-X store online, with nationwide deliveries scheduled for mid-November.

Source, Images: PR Times