A great way to enjoy a fried meal without the mess.

Japanese company Thanko–maker of useful inventions for singletons and families alike–has developed a personal fryer called the Kalari for all of your small-portion frying needs. It only needs 0.3 to 0.5 liters (10 to 16.9 ounces) of oil, and you can adjust the frying temperature between 50 and 200 degrees Celsius (122 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit) for precise cooking.

You can fry all sorts of things in here, from straight-up ingredients like shrimp, to battered foods like tempura, as well as frozen foods. You can even eat straight from the vat if you’re in the mood for an oil-based dish like ajillo.

What sets it apart from D-Stylist’s personal fryer? For starters, this 6,980 yen (US$48.37) one includes a lid that doubles as a cooling or serving rack. That means one less dish you have to prepare on your own! All you really need to use is the Kalari, some oil, your ingredients, and utensils for removing the food from the oil fryer, or the “Oil Flyer”, as the company calls it.

It’s also easy to wash, as you just need to remove the frying vat. It even collapses down to store compactly!

The personal cooking device has safety features built in, like an auto shutoff feature when it senses the frying vat is not attached to the heating device, as well as a temperature fuse and thermostat that prevent combustion.

So whether you want to fry food without using as much oil, or you just want an easier and safer way to cook up some French fries, consider getting a Kalari cooker! And for dessert? Pies from a Thanko pie maker, of course.

Sources: Thanko via Net Lab
Images: Thanko
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