Humanity’s greatest achievement? Yes, probably.

Sure, movie theaters with kotatsu seating are awesome, but what about being able to take your kotatsu with you… anywhere?

Anyone who’s ever sat under a kotatsu, one of Japan’s heated tables with blanket covering, has probably wished they never hard to leave. And that’s likely what went through the mind of Ory Yoshifuji, co-founder and CEO of Ory Laboratory, producers of robots that help people “overcome burdens caused by disabilities and distances.”

Ory used his ingenuity to build this masterpiece, which has been getting a lot of attention online:

▼ Here’s Ory in his kotastu-wheelchair hybrid, nice and warm while
his friend does his best not to look jealous. (Translation below)

“It was too cold to go outside in a wheelchair, so I made a wheel-kotatsu, which even people who can walk might be envious of.
The base wheelchair can recline, so I can lie flat and sleep under the kotatsu.
I can even use the PC equipped with a portable charger as much as I want.

Humanity has finally achieved the means of never heaving to leave the kotatsu.”

That’s pretty amazing. Everyone always jokes about never having to leave the warmth of the kotatsu, but Ory went ahead and made that dream a reality.

Although, is the world ready for such a thing? Did Ory get so caught up in thinking about if he could, he never wondered if he should?!

Here’s what Japanese netizens had to say:

“This is great. I want one.”
“We’ve achieved a new level as a species.”
“I wonder what the battery life is like though?”
“We need to develop wireless charging, just for this.”
“Just wrap me in a futon too and I would literally never leave.”
“Stephen Hawking should try this out.”

With one of these, you don’t need to go to a fancy kotatsu restaurant; any restaurant you go to will automatically become a fancy kotatsu restaurant.

Source: Twitter/@origamicat via My Game News Flash
Reference: Ory Laboratory
Top image: Twitter/@origamicat