get carried by a sumo wrestler

In commemoration of reaching 30,000 followers on Twitter, the Japan Sumo Association announced a special contest that will give winners the chance to be “carried like a princess” by a real sumo wrestler. If the picture is anything to go by, the wrestlers will be fully clothed instead of appearing in their traditional loincloths used during matches…darn.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 6.10.32 AM

Followers who retweeted the original post (seen above) between January 15 and January 26 were entered into the contest and only six lucky winners will be chosen to be held by one of two current sumo wrestlers: Okinoumi (隠岐の海) or Endo (遠藤). On January 27, the JSA announced that they will hold a raffle later this week and direct message the winners on Twitter. The results will be announced on the Japan Sumo Association’s official Twitter page once they have confirmed “the winner’s availability and whether or not they are a woman.”

As you can infer from the quote above, only women qualify for the contest, but we’re hoping the Japan Sumo Association will make an exception. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hold Mr. Sato like a princess and carry him off into the sunset?

▼ Just look at that face!dsc07496

We’re assuming he’d settle for something like this, too:

Sumo wrestlers

Source: Net Lab
Image: Twitter – sumokyokai (1, 2)
Mr. Sato Image: RocketNews24