In the past year, sumo wrestler Endō Shōta has been busy outside the ring, showing up in special edition photo booths and using his muscular arms to carry contest winners like a princess. Now, this 24-year-old rising star has been making his way into Japanese homes in the form of a pillow. Featuring Endo in his work attire, this limited release pillow was only given out to five thousand lucky winners, who weren’t shy about showing off their love for this young man’s backside.

Those interested in winning the “Endo Cushion” were invited to enter into a special contest held by Japanese instant food company Nagatanien. One hundred grand prize winners were treated to a handprint and signature courtesy of Endo himself, but it was the second prize that everyone’s talking about.

▼ The front. Look at that serious gaze!


▼ Endo and Pillow Endo letting it all hang out.

The 5,000 lucky winners were thrilled with their good fortune and took to Twitter to tell the world just how happy they were to be the proud owners of the ultra-up-close pillow:

“The Endo Cushion!!! I got one!”

“My older sister just received an Endo Cushion. She was so happy she cried and jumped up and down.”

“Just got an Endo Cushion. What a beautiful masterpiece of a butt!”

Some tweeters took it one step further, giving us some weird, and otherwise creepy, photos:


▼ That angle!


Clever winners found a variety of uses for their new pillows, praising the shape as a perfect elbow support while typing on their laptop.

Others decided to use their new freebie for its intended purpose. But when your pillow features a full-grown man’s butt, things get awkward fast:


Well, at least they’re happy. Congratulations to all the winners!

Unfortunately, for every one elated Twitter user who received a pillow in the likeness of Endō Shōta, several others were disappointed to find they hadn’t been so lucky. But fear not! Anyone in Japan still has a second chance on December 31 to get their hands on Endo’s miniaturized behind!

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Twitter (sumokyokai)