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Can a skydiving sumo wrestler complete the ring-entering ceremony mid-air with a “gyojisumo referee by his side?

That’s the question behind a new ad for Fujifilm’s latest portable instant film printer, the Instax SHARE SP-2. In order to showcase the features of the new gadget, which prints photos from smartphone cameras and services like Facebook and Instagram, the company employed the services of a foreign-looking sumo wrestler and a gyoji sumo referee to “challenge the best shot” in mid-air.

The instant he steps out from the plane, at an elevation of 4,000 metres (2.5 miles), the sumo wrestler begins the first of the 17 steps that make up the traditional ring-entering ceremony.

▼ Although a wide-mouthed look of terror is not usually the facial expression that accompanies the first move.

Sumo 6

▼ Within moments, the first six moves are complete.

Sumo 15

▼ Even if they’re captured from some rather unusual angles.

Sumo 9

▼ Then it’s on to the next six moves…

Sumo 11
Sumo 16

Despite falling at a speed of more than 300 kilometres (186 miles) per hour and dressed in nothing but a loincloth in temperatures of less than 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), the sumo wrestler continued on to the final five dignified movements.

Sumo 17

After completing the ceremony, the select photos were chosen and then printed instantly from the waiting printer on the ground.

Sumo 3

▼ That’s certainly a novel way to advertise a Japanese product!

Sumo 4

To check out all the moves from the mid-air ring-entering ceremony, take a look at the full video below!

Source, Images: PR Times