One proven way to go viral on the internet is to be unbearably cute. Although it’s a path often taken by pets, women, kids, and pastries, it’s pretty rare to come across a sumo wrestler who pulls in online comments such as “I feel soothed by his unmatched cuteness.”

However, that’s just what Kazuki Kinoshita who wrestles under the name Kazuki Chiyomaru has done in Japan. A candid shot of him napping has become an internet hit and led to other pictures which further consolidate his new title of the world’s cutest sumo wrestler.

The first photo was posted by the Japan Sumo Association’s official Twitter account on 18 August with the caption “Chiyomaru mid-nap.” Thousands retweeted after falling in love with his scrunched-up chubby cheeks resting on the god-given pillows of his own arms like a big baby.

Following the popularity of the first photo, the JSA posted a few more of the cherubic chank0 eater. This time he can be seen conscious and palling around with Egyptian wrestler Abdelrahman Shalan who competes under the professional sumo name Osuna-arashi (Great Sandstorm).

Together the pair make up 286k (630lbs) of playfulness. In the following photos we can see Osuna-arashi giving Chiyomaru face noogies and loving pokes with a mic stand.

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

These images also provoked a positive response from viewers saying: “They look like they get along well together,” and “Chiyomaru and Osuna-arashi are so cute!” As a general rule, when two guys are getting along in a cute fashion the fujoshi and Boys’ Love manga can’t be far behind. But can the underground art form get over its usual predilection towards slim protagonists and portray some plus-sized affairs? Only time will tell.

Image: Twitter

Source: Twitter – @sumokyokai, @Oosunaarashi via AOL News (Japanese)