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An unidentified Chinese man in his thirties or forties stole an alligator coat valued at approximately $128,000 from a Hong Kong Burberry store by putting it on and just walking out the front door on Wednesday, authorities told South China Morning Post.

“The person who reported the case discovered a leather jacket worth about HK$900,000 had disappeared. A review of the security cameras made staff believe it had been stolen,” police said in a statement to Africa News Network.

The Post has more:

The brazen robber – who was caught on security cameras in the Burberry store in Tsim Sha Tsui – is understood to have simply lifted the trench coat off the mannequin it was on and calmly walked out of the store into the crowded Silvercord shopping mall on Canton Road at around 7.30pm on Wednesday.

Staff didn’t notice it was gone until several hours later when they were doing a stock take at closing time. The police were called in at midnight.

Since the coat had been delivered to the store just hours earlier, it didn’t yet have a security tag, according to The Post. While the suspect has been seen in security footage, police have not yet made any arrests.