Who knew fried chicken would make the perfect backdrop for some explosive Hollywood-style advertising?

There’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a juicy piece of fried chicken for that ultimate indulgence, and though we recently stuffed ourselves silly with KFC’s awesome all-you-can-eat deal, another impressive promotion looms on the horizon.

KFC Hong Kong has teamed up with ad agency Ogilvy Hong Kong to release a set of explosive advertisements for their new Hot & Spicy fried chicken. With a clever bit of lighting and photoshop, it turns out the bumpy, crispy skins on KFC’s signature morsels can effectively double as gorgeous balls of fire.

▼ It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s spicy fried chicken!

▼ Four superheroes overshadowed by an explosion of crispiness.

▼ We never knew the fiery exhaust of rocket-powered
race cars could look so delicious.

Marinated in a unique blend of spices and coated with their signature flaky crust, customers can savor juicy and tender chicken for just 19 HKD (US$2.42) a piece. Take note that it’s highly unlikely you’ll be stopping after just one, so be prepared for an unforgettable fiery feast.

Hats off to Ogilvy Hong Kong for delivering an impressive and powerful set of posters teasing the new flavor of juicy chicken in true Hollywood style; you can almost imagine the exquisite crunch when biting into one of the perfectly browned pieces. It might not pack as much punch as as KFC Japan’s crazy music video campaigns, but it’s still creative advertising at its hottest.

Source: KFC Hong Kong via Facebook/Ogilvy Hong Kong, Adweek
Top image: Facebook/Ogilvy Hong Kong