On Sept. 19, Apple’s iPhone 6 finally hit stores around the world. People have been lining up since last week in some cities waiting for the big day. This tweet from Walt Piecyk at BTIG tells you a lot: “Streets are a mess in line including bags of feces. Security presence is higher.”

Even better than a tweet? Photos. Here’s a look at the insanely long lines from around the world.

Dozens upon dozens of people waiting in line in Berlin to get the iPhone 6.

dozens-upon-dozens-of-people-waiting-in-line-in-berlin-to-get-the-iphone-6Associated Press/Michael Sohn

People in Berlin expected to wait for a long time, so they brought chairs.

people-in-berlin-expected-to-wait-for-a-long-time-so-they-brought-chairsAssociated Press/Michael Sohn

The line starts moving in Berlin.

the-line-starts-moving-in-berlinGetty Images/ Sean Gallup

The Apple Store in London attracted a large crowd, too.

the-apple-store-in-london-attracted-a-large-crowd-tooAssociated Press/Kirsty Wigglesworth

Those in London who reserved an iPhone ahead of time waiting in a separate line.

those-in-london-who-reserved-an-iphone-ahead-of-time-waiting-in-a-separate-lineGetty Images/ Ben A. Pruchnie

Crowds line the streets in Sydney, Australia.

crowds-line-the-streets-in-sydney-australiaGetty Images/Cole Bennetts

Lines wrapped around the block in Sydney.

lines-wrapped-around-the-block-in-sydneyGetty Images/ Cole Bennetts

Here’s what Toronto’s Eaton Centre looked like this morning.

heres-what-torontos-eaton-centre-looked-like-this-morningTwitter/ Kristina Parts

At the Eaton Centre, Apple fans lined the mezzanines too.

at-the-eaton-centre-apple-fans-lined-the-mezzanines-tooTwitter/ CTVNews

South Gate Centre in Alberta, Canada was packed.

south-gate-centre-in-alberta-canada-was-packedTwitter/Rob Williams

The Meatpacking District in New York City was packed with Apple fans.

the-meatpacking-district-in-new-york-city-was-packed-with-apple-fansTwitter/Meredith Frost

People lounged with umbrellas outside the flagship Fifth Ave. store in New York City.


Lines wrapped around the block at this Apple Store in Chicago.

lines-wrapped-around-the-block-at-this-apple-store-in-chicagoTwitter/ Jim Dallke

A mall in Hong Kong, China was packed.

a-mall-in-hong-kong-china-was-packedGetty Images/ Lam Yik Fei

Customers in Hong Kong rushed in as soon as the gates opened.

customers-in-hong-kong-rushed-in-as-soon-as-the-gates-openedGetty Images/ Yam Lik Fei

Look at how packed it is in Japan!


iPhone shoppers sat in line waiting for hours in Tokyo.

iphone-shoppers-sat-in-line-waiting-for-hours-in-tokyoGetty Images/ Chris McGrath

Some people in Japan had luggage with them. They must have been waiting in line for a while.

some-people-in-japan-had-luggage-with-them-they-must-have-been-waiting-in-line-for-a-whileGetty Images/Chris McGrath

Apple employees handed out coffee to customers on this line in Japan.

apple-employees-handed-out-coffee-to-customers-on-this-line-in-japanGetty Images/ Chris McGrath