At RocketNews24, we’re all about strange alcoholic drinks. But this next one isn’t exactly strange; we’d call it peculiar. The classic Japanese rice wine beverage, nihon-shu, otherwise known as “sake” in English, is given a fun and fruity twist. There are very few drink recipes with nihon-shu as a base, but this one is refreshing and totally easy to drink. Try out this super simple recipe for what we like to call “Japanese sangria” and enjoy a flavor infusion of a traditional Japanese alcohol.


  • nihon-shu (sake) [your favorite kind or even a cheap brand will work]
  • strawberries
  • blueberries [frozen berries are OK!]
    ***Add as much or as little berries as you’d like. Of course, the more you add the sweeter your drink will be!



1. Add your berries and nihon-shu into a pitcher.


Oh wow! Looks like we’re done…we don’t have any other instructions for you.

It’s that easy! Let the berries and nihon-shu mixture sit in the refrigerator for at least half a day (a full day is best). The alcohol will take on the pigment of the berries and turn the color of cherry blossoms. This Japanese sangria is perfectly sweet and is a good option for those who aren’t used to drinking alcoholic beverages.


Japanese sangria is just so easy to make, it’s the perfect drink to sip on after a day of work. You can even add pineapples and oranges for a pleasantly sweet and sour taste, or any other type of fruit for that matter. Give it a try! We’re sure you’ll love it.


BONUS!!!: See those berries at the bottom? Scoop them out of the alcohol and blend them up with some ice. You’ll have yourself a delicious nihon-shu infused fruit smoothie!


Images: RocketNews24

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