Time to put on our mask and find out what a Halloween Red Night Frappuccino tastes like.

Every year, Starbucks Japan gets into the spirit of Halloween with limited-edition drinks that tie into the theme of the annual celebration.

In the past we’ve seen themes like mystery and witches turned into beverages for Halloween, but this year Starbucks is going all out by inviting us to a masquerade party, with the Halloween Red Night Frappuccino and the Halloween Masquerade Raspberry Mocha.

Our resident Frappuccino expert Masami headed down to Starbucks as soon as the party drinks were released on 11 October. Ordering one of each, she was pleasantly surprised when the staff handed her a free paper mask, telling her it should be slipped onto the straw to conjure up the fun atmosphere of being at a masquerade party.

The first thing she noticed about the Frappucino was its deep hues of red and black. It was as if there’d been a bloody murder in the shadows at the masquerade party, and she was there to investigate the scene.

Delving into the drink revealed a red berry sauce made from raspberries, cranberries and strawberries…

But what’s really surprising about this is the fact that beneath its red mask lies a white chocolate brownie, which has been blended into the beverage. 

As soon as Masami took a sip, the subtle sweet and sour taste of red berry sauce hit her throat, while the brownie, which had a nutty, almond flavour, added a fragrant sweetness to the mix. The whipped cream, black cocoa powder and red red berry sauce topping amped up the sweetness, creating a decadent, sweetly tart treat that made her feel like a good girl and a bad girl all at the same time.

The Halloween Masquerade Raspberry Mocha was equally delicious, as it adds the Frappuccino’s same red berry sauce and cocoa powder to a regular white mocha. This makes for a hot drink with well-balanced sweet and tart flavours, and the espresso it contains will keep you awake to enjoy the masquerade party all night long.

If you get in quick, you’ll be able to get your hands on one of Starbucks’ limited-edition Halloween drinkware items, which are currently on sale as well.

The Frappuccino is available in a tall size only, for 590 yen (US$5.52) plus tax, while the Mocha is available in Short through to Venti sizes, starting at 450 yen plus tax. The new beverages will only be available for a limited time, until 31 October.

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