Matcha Double Berry Luxury Every Day Kit Kats are a mouthful to say, should be a joy to eat.

Nestle never seems to be short of ideas for special Japan-exclusive Kit Kats, and thanks to the confectioner’s fertile imagination we’ve been able to enjoy flavors such as sake, Momiji manju maple leaf cakes, and melon. As a matter of fact, Nestle is bursting with so many ideas that its newest addition to the Japanese Kit Kat family boasts no fewer than three marque ingredients.

The Kit Kat Matcha Double Berry and Almond is part of the brand’s Luxury Every Day line (Mainichi no Zeitaku in Japanese), which aims to elevate the chocolate wafers to sophisticated new heights. Starting with the initial Moleson-inspired Luxury Every Day Kit Kats last year, Nestle followed up with a special rose petal-flavored version for Mother’s Day four months ago, but on September 25 it’s rolling out the third luxurious treat in the series.

Like the previous Luxury Every Day Kit Kats, the Matcha Double Berry and Almond is topped with bits of cranberry and crushed almonds, which sit on Kit Kats covered in chocolate infused with matcha green tea grown in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan’s most exalted matcha-producing community.

But even the lengthy name of the Matcha Double Berry and Almond Luxury Every Day Kit Kats don’t reveal all of their secrets. Bite into one, and you’ll taste not only more matcha from between the wafers, but raspberry powder too, making good on the “Double Berry” promise.

With their mix of sweet, bitter, and tart tastes, these special Kit Kats are sure to be a hit. They’ll be going on sale September 25, priced at 600 yen (US$5.45) a box at supermarkets across the country, as well as convenience stores (which are a surprisingly great place to look for classy sweets in Japan).

Source: Entabe, PR Times
Images: Club Kit Kat

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