We’re used to seeing a lot of unbelievable-sounding coverage concerning the Cobra-style antics of North Korea’s totalitarian dictatorship. But the country’s tightly-closed borders make many reports difficult to verify, so a lot of patently false stories end up circulating through legitimate outlets. This means that, sadly, what you’ve read about North Korea putting a man on the sun and finding a unicorn lair are less than legit.

Some stories, however, are frighteningly real: Like the one about Pyongyang launching a series of Scud missiles over the Japan Sea recently as a show of military might.


The North reportedly launched two of the short-range ballistic missiles this morning, a week after firing off a separate series in the same direction – perhaps mildly shocking an already-jaded foreign media that routinely covers the North’s ultimately impotent political posturing, and mildly annoying the defense ministries of Japan and South Korea.

Reports suggest the two missiles landed some 500 km off North Korea’s coast, meaning the next series of rockets could very well make landfall in either Japan or South Korea, if the North ever felt like being completely obliterated by nearly every major military power in the civilized world.

Source: My Game News Flash
Photos: Headline, Inset