Recipes are invaluable resources for daily life that with just the right focus can empower even the most kitchenphobic person to slap together semi-decent meal. However, recipe books can be unwieldy and weak to the heat and fluids flying around the cooking space. The advent of the internet has helped, but we’re still left nervously trying to swipe at a touch screen with flour-and-egg-caked fingers.

This is where DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan (DJ Miso Soup & MC Rice) come in. Their unique brand of recipe rap takes up only the space in your ears and with their nostalgic old-school beats those instructions will be hard to get out of your head afterwards. Come, join us on this Japanese hip-hop gourmet journey.

It might not be immediately apparent from the image above, but DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan are both the same woman carving out her own niche in the rap game with what she calls kuishinbo hiphop (big eater hiphop).

Her style is a bit of a throw-back to the party MCs of decades past but instead of up-jumping the boogies, DJ Misoshiru/MC Gohan is schooling us on how to make Piman No Nikuzume (stuffed peppers).

Even without understanding the Japanese lyrics you can get a pretty good sense of how to make her recipes, but it might be hard to pick up all the times and measurements she lays out in her rhymes. Here’s what I could glean from it.

First, season some ground beef.

Then halve some green peppers and clean out the seeds and white parts. Coat the inner parts with flour.

Next, be frontin. At this stage in the preparation you’d better chickity chickity check yourself every five to ten minutes before you wrickity wrickity wreck yourself.

Place the seasoned beef into the pepper halves.

Then fry in an preheated and oiled pan for about three minutes on each side.

Get a couple old guys to fire up a blow torch.

And serve.

If you don’t suffer my cripplingly poor ability to focus and understand stuff, you’d probably find that DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan’s recipes are pretty on-point, even in rhymes. She seems to use everyday dishes that are achievable even by the weakest chefs, such as her tracks “Roast Chicken, “Scrambled Eggs, and the epic “Macaroni Gratin.

If you happen to be lucky enough to catch a live DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan show, word is that she may not only treat your ears but also your taste buds to her intersensory artistic styles.

Last year saw the release of two EPs so you can be sure more works are in store for 2014. I sure hope so because I’ve been dying for a good green bean casserole recipe with a killer hook.

For more info and concert dates, check out: DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan’s official website

Source: Entabe
Video: YouTube – omk1025, sonymusicnetwork

Scrambled Eggs

Gyunyukan (a type of milk gelatin)

Shiraae (mashed tofu)


Roast Chicken