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Despite the traditional image of anime fans as couch potatoes whose consumption of junk food is only rivaled by their consumption of panty-flashing animation sequences, it’s only recently that gastronomy and Japanese animation have officially combined forces. Recently we heard about the giant, 10-patty Attack on Titan burger, but what if your tastes run less towards towering monsters and meat and more in the direction of giant robots and sweets?

If that’s the case, maybe you’d prefer a Gundam donut.

These high-tech-looking pastries are available exclusively at the Gundam Cafe, which has branches in Tokyo Station, the Diver City shopping complex on Odaiba, the Aeon Mall Makuhari Shin Toshin, and anime haven Akihabara (of course). The first of the two varieties is an edible recreation of the original heroic Gundam, the RX-78.

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The donut’s white chocolate coating matches the color scheme of its inspiration from the very first Mobile Suit Gundam TV series, which began airing way back in 1979. In the years since, the Gundam franchise has established a number of proud traditions, one of which is the hero being consistently upstaged by charismatic antagonist Char. Once again, Gundam’s villain gets the better of its hero, as the Char’s Custom Zaku donut is specced with a coating of strawberry chocolate, Japan’s current trendy flavor of the month which also shows up in Starbucks’ sakura lattes.

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Each of the donuts is priced at 320 yen (US$3.10). While you can get them at any Gundam Café, we recommend the Odaiba branch, so that you can munch on them while staring up at the giant 1:1 scale Gundam statue.

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Source: IT Media
Images: Gundam Café