PC 3In many ways, Yuya Uchida is like a lot of guys in their 20s. He’s a student with a part time job, and in his free time he likes watching anime and playing fighting games (also known as two of the most common hobbies for Japanese males).

One thing that sets Uchida apart from his peers, though, are his lady-pleasing looks, which have been winning him fans around the globe. The oft-bespectacled young man’s fan base is likely to grow further still when gamers get an eyeful of Uchida indulging in his third hobby, cosplay, with this spot-on Persona 4 costume.

Uchida, who works part-time at anime megastore Animate, says his favorite games are fighting titles. It makes sense, then, that for his latest cosplay project he’d pick Yu Narukami, the protagonist of Persona 4, which can count both a fighting game and anime adaptation among its multi-media incarnations.

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Not only do the two share the first syllable of their given names, they both frequently sport glasses, and for his appearance as the video game character, Uchida even made sure to bring along a blade like the one Yu uses in fighting his supernatural foes.

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He’s so good-looking it seriously irritates me,” tweeted Asagawoblog, the Twitter user who originally shared the snapshot. We’re not sure where the negativity comes from. After all, with nearly 40 percent of Japanese college students describing themselves as hardcore anime or video game fans, Uchida is just like any other guy his age who’s 13 centimeters (five inches) taller than the average height for his country, probably going to become a doctor after he graduates from the medical school he attends, and often gets asked out by girls at his workplace…

On second thought, maybe we can see how some guys might be jealous.

Source: Jin
Top image: Twitter
Insert images: Orochi Nagi, Wikia